If you are a skin care dummy, please don't feel bad,  I was too, until earlier this year.  It was at that point that things turned around and I really learned about what my practitioners and therapists were doing for the skin at the spa and why.  See, our day spa was in need of some really good skin care products and so I began to investigate and understand the skin care products market, skin care science, and what people needed whether they knew it or not.

I found out some really interesting stuff.  Things that made me concerned about what so many people are putting on their face and how dangerous or ineffective it can be.  Parabens, propylene glycol, and other harsh chemicals wreak havoc on your skin.  So, my partner and I, an esthetician, set out to remedy this and offer something better.  We did and now it is available to you online and at select local retailers.  Radiant Skin Concepts is Natural Paraben Free Skin Care that actually improves your look and appearance and is healthy for the skin.  Try us out today!