Skin care products abound. Just walk into any department store, pharmacy or convenience store. From the five-dollar cleanser, to the hundred-dollar moisturizer, and everything in between, there is a product available. Whether you are looking for an astringent to help with your oily T-Zone, an anti-aging cream to help with the fine lines and wrinkles or something that will not irritate your sensitive skin, you will be assaulted with choices. The question is where do you start?  For many, it is overwhelming and they choose soap and water rather than choosing a product that is expensive and may not work. 


If you are new to skin care products, take a few moments to consider your skin. Is it dry or oily? Do you have eczema or rosacea that needs to be kept under control? Do you smoke? These are all factors that affect what types of products will be best for your skin. Many people start with a trip to the cosmetics counter at a local department store. The person behind the counter will be specially trained on the features and benefits of the brand or brands being offered. They will help you find the product that best suits your needs.


By testing the skin care products you can see how they feel on your skin.  Don’t feel pressured to make a purchase immediately. Ask for a sample. This is not uncommon and it will give you the opportunity to sample several products at your convenience. Often, our skin doesn’t react well to a new product. Using samples will save you the time and hassle of returning a product that is unsuitable. If you want organic or all natural products, avoid brands that contain mineral oil, petroleum or paraben. These chemicals can clog pores and cause breakouts or dermatitis.


Most quality natural skin care products are plant or marine-based, with water and herbs listed as the primary ingredients. Begin your research with the types of products you like and understand the terms being used. If you are not certain which products to start with, try cleansers, toners and moisturizers. They will give your skin the care and protection it needs without adding too much time to your skin care regimen or breaking the bank. Radiant Skin Concepts offers the best natural cleansers, moisturizers, and toners to give you a natural healthy glow. Visit our web site at for more information.