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Medical Grade Skin Care Products Are Important For Healthy Skin

Over the counter skincare lotions and crèmes typically are not designed for deep penetration. Instead they stay on the surface of the skin and do not actually correct or heal a problem. They are a surface treatment and not a medical treatment. The ability of medical grade skin care products to produce such great results has to do with the products and ingredients ability to penetrate the top layer of skin. The medical grade skin care products work at the dermis, or middle layer of the skin, where collagen and elastin are contained and the basal, or bottom layer of the skin, where new skin cells are produced. Over the counter products, however, work only on the epidermis, or top layer of skin, where we shed skin cells and the new skin cells, created in the basal layer, eventually show up.

Medical grade skin care ingredients protect your skin health

At Radiant Skin Concepts skin care, we believe in producing medical grade skin care products with ingredients that get absorbed into the deep layers of skin to really make a difference.  We help produce radiant healthy skin at any age with medical grade solutions that target skin types and problems like rosacea, dry skin, aging skin, and oily blemished skin among others.  We have carefully selected and combined advanced medical grade skin care ingredients to formulate our products aiming to produce natural beauty and radiance. It ranges from retinol form of vitamin A & C to increase the rate of skin turnover for anti aging to hyaluronic acid and peptides for wrinkles or dry and scaly skin. Our customer’s health and safety are our top priority. Visit our ingredient section [JL1]  to learn more about our very effective medical grade skin care products.

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